With support from the New Hampshire Certified Local Government (CLG) grant program, Amherst, NH Heritage Commission (AHC) completed the initiative entitled, "From the Bookshelves to the Public," the goal of which was to consolidate, to the degree possible, the Amherst Historic Resources inventories that existed in various electronic and paper forms.  Using GIS, this new repository would be easy to use and maintain for researchers, historians, and the general public.  In partnership with the Nashua Regional Planning Commission, the AHC authored data-rich app built upon the ESRI web map builder for those interested in deep exploration of these information resources.  AHC is also offering a shortlist of locations with photos and important attributes, the purpose of which is to cultivate awareness and appreciation for the Town's most well-known, interesting, and/or underappreciated cultural and historic amenities.  Lastly, a companion story map presents the town’s history through time, from its initial establishment to the present.